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Guadalcanal Two Piece Set - F4U-1 Corsair—VMF-213, 1st Lt. Foy R. Garison, Guadalcanal 1943 and A6M2 Zero—Zuikaku Fighter Squadron, CPO Saburo Saito, Rabaul 1943
Aviation Archive. An interesting set with a well done base and two well executed models. The base is apparently made of painted plaster in which two holes were drilled to mount the two wire stands for the models. The colors used on the base are bright, with a Hammerstein's South Pacific flare. The Corsair has an interesting three-toned paint job, including sun-faded fabric on the wings, though there is no weathering anywhere else on the model. The Zero is painted standard IJN grey with black cowling and finely-painted squadron marking and individual aircraft IDs.The quality of the paint job is the best I've seen on any Corgi Zero. The Hinomarus are boldly applied, without the "blows" so common on current Corgi models. The gloss on the cowling and fuselage seems just right. The pilots of both models are well painted and have proper expressions of grim determination.

A Real Stand-out. The stand is large and heavy and takes up considerable display space. As a graphic, or diorama, it works best when displayed by itself or with other models that are similarly mounted (such as the round stands used at times by Cyber-Hobbies©). Not to pun too badly, it stands better all alone. When displayed with other Corgi models mounted on standard plastic stands it looks a bit hokey. By itself, it can be very attractive.

To Buy Or Not To Buy... If you like planes of the Pacific campaign, and if you have room to display the base and the models, the Guadalcanal set is well worth getting. However, as always, be sure you look around for the best possible deal!

Type Guadalcanal Corsair and Zero set
Corgi item #


Limited edition No. 2824 of 5000

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