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Corgi United States

Lockheed P-38J Lightning, 44-23590 'Scrapiron IV' Capt. L E Blumer, 393rd FS/367th FG, France 1944

Aviation Archive. So many good memories of the Aurora kits I used to bash (and I mean bash) back in the early 50's: the mythical Yak-25 (my favorite), the flat-wing Zero, the red ME-109, black FW-190, deep-blue Hellcat, light-blue Spitfire, and of course, the light-metallic-blue P-38. There were many others, but I especially remember those. There was nothing like going down to the hobby shop (remember those?) and spending 25, 39, or 50 cents to pick up a plastic model to smear with (the supplied) glue and daub with gloss paint. Aurora supplied the glue because in those days glue that would fuse plastic just wasn't available, and most "kits" were made up of a block of balsa wood, a schematic, and a set of directions! I could write a book...

Anyway (sadly), back to the present. The run for this P-38J sold out rather quickly, and the post-price got jacked up about 25% soon after. The model is as good as any Corgi of its generation, though it has the usual Corgi problems matching plastic to metal in the nose as well as in some smaller parts. My particular copy came missing one of the landing gear doors, so I had to email Hornby for a replacement, which they sent (thank you). However, after a month the part still hadn't arrived, so I emailed Hornby again, and they sent another (thank you, again). In the end, both deliveries arrived on the same day, and I discovered that the first shipment had been mistakenly sent to Canada. By the way, in the last five Corgi models I opened, three had serious landing gear problems. This P-38 missing a gear door, a Hawk with two left main gear and no right, and a P-40 with two left and one right main gear--which means some other pour sod was missing one left main gear. Come on Corgi/Hornby, this is most discouraging. Maybe if you got it right the first time you wouldn't need a parts department!

Enough steam. While the model is worth the original price, as a new owner, be sure to inventory the thing before waiting too long...

Type Fighter
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Distribution 0893 of 1000

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