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Corgi United States

Curtiss P-40E Warhawk - 11th FS/343rd FG, Aleutian Islands 1943

Aviation Archive. War in the Pacific. I Missed this one the first time around. The model is copyrighted 2005, and I started collecting in 2004 on a limited can't-really-afford-these basis.

I have the Matchbox version of the same plane, and after finally getting the Corgi version a couple years ago, noticed some big differences.

The Matchbox canopy mostly fits, whereas the Corgi glass does barely.
The Matchbox has the star insignia on just two wing surfaces, one each top and bottom, while the Corgi has stars on all four surfaces, which is not standard, and probably wrong.
The prop hub on the Matchbox is painted yellow, the Corgi version is white and according to published pictures the color should be yellow.
The prop blades on the Matchbox version are fully decorated, while the blades on the Corgi version are not.
The white strip behind the extended canopy on the Matchbox version is properly slanted, while the stripe on the Corgi version is straight up and down.
The fuselage stars on the Matchbox model have no blue background circle, which may or may not be correct depending on who you trust, while the Corgi version does have the blue background.
The Matchbox version has a Pitot, while the Corgi version does not.
The Matchbox version does not have an aiming sight, the Corgi version does.

All in all, the Matchbox version is superior, and Matchbox should have stayed in business (as long as they added extended landing gear, of course!).
Type Fighter
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Distribution 1603 of 1780

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