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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

Type Fighter
Corgi item no. US33013
Production run 0670 of 1710

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2018
F4U-4A Corsair Buno 96845 of VMF-323,
USS Badoeng Strait, off Korea, July 1950 (white 18)

Aviation Archive. Forgotten Heroes. Another gloss-painted, midnight blue Corsair, last seen here. The color difference is striking, especially when the two gloss colors are compared to the color of the partner model in this update. Interestingly, the cowl is painted white, brown and grey, which is most unusual in both Navy and Marine aircraft. The rules guiding the services' plane decor were pretty strict during WWII, and even applying yellow, versus insignia white, to the cowling ring was frowned upon. So, apparently, rules were bent somewhat during the inter-war period, or operationally in the field.

Again, this is an excellent model. It dates to 2006, also pre-Hornby. The paint and insignia and decor (even the coiled snake) are very well done, and the prop is fully decorated (despite the illustration on the collector's card, below). The box is non-standard, using a Forgotten Heroes motif of thousand-yard stare soldier-statues on the cover, and commemoration panels on two sides. Pictures of the model are printed only on the other two sides.

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