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Type Fighter
Corgi item #


Distribution 4419 0f 5600

 P-51D - "Old Crow", Clarence "Bud" Anderson, 363rd Fighter Sqn, 357th Fighter Group
Aviation Archive. This elderly model was made in 2001, and was the first of its type to be assigned the new numbering system; it was encased in the blue-hued box. Previous Mustangs, in the orange-colored boxes, had five-digit part numbers starting with "4". However, I have a Confederate AF Mustang, number 49303, that came in the blue hued box. (Figuring this all out would be a lot easier if I had added a "Box" column on my spreadsheet!) For both numbering systems, the interior plastic cradles were the same, with only a few variations to fit accessories. And, again, the "limited" distribution was quite large, four or five times the distribution numbers found in modern models.

The model itself is the usual mixture of good quality paint, national insignia, and assembly, and less than perfect mold quality. To my eye modern molds created by way of computers have sharper edges, better dihedral angles, tighter fitting plastic parts (scoops and canopies), and more shapely struts than these older models. But that's to be expected, and these nicer modern molds shouldn't detract from the collectability of the older "classics", such as this Mustang. Someday, they may create these little fellers with working 12-cylinder engines and nano-pilots -- and if they do, I'll admit that these older models have lost their attraction.

By the way, Corgi couldn't go too wrong updating this mold, as well as the odd 'B' version they put out a few years back. For the Matchbox version of this plane, see here.

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