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Type Fighter
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Distribution 434 of 500

 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt "War Eagle" Capt. Julius P Maxwell, CO A Flt., 84th Fighter Squadron, Duxford, 1944
Corgi Collector Club. This is a mostly nice rework of an old mold, the rework being limited to a more detailed application of paint. One odd, distracting, nay irritating change is the color of the national insignia. Why such a light blue?

I was really surprised when Corgi announced the release of this model, as I had assumed models of U.S. WWII types were going to be given less coverage. I was especially surprised that the release was a P-47; an only slightly less likely candidate than the Corgi 1/72 P-51 (either version). Corgi has released a 1200-copy limited edition companion to this model named 'SNAFU', now part of the Duxford fighter collection. I had originally intended to include that model in this update, but ran out of time (or energy, that being much the same). SNAFU is much more colorful, and it can be seen in some of these photos.

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