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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

Type Fighter
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Distribution 0216 of 0750

 P-47D Thunderbolt, "Donnie Boy" 2nd Lt. Dominic 'Don' Gentile, USAAF 336th FS/4th FG, RAF Debden, 1943
Aviation Archive. Flying Mule Collection. It really is fun getting back to some of these older molds. Corgi's P-47D razorback is a particular favorite, and this model (produced in 2006), along with its companion olive drab models such as the Mahurin (US33815, in 2005), the Miss Plainfield (US33816, in 2005), and the Beeson (US33819, also in 2006), were particularly well done. Corgi did a great job of capturing the Army Air Force olive drab and grey colors, which to my eye is a lot nicer color mix than the green and grey on the model shown in some of these pictures. Beyond that, I've always wondered about the Army's selection of grey for the undersides, especially a fairly deep grey. Did they expect to fly mostly against a background of rain clouds? One wonders. This is neither here nor there, because the Corgi style of simplicity in engineering combined with medium-deep panel lines works to good effect here, making one yearn for the return of certain of the pooch's U.S. models, such as the P-38, P-40, P-47, and maybe a revamped P-51D. Whatever, this six-year-old model earns two zooms out of two. For the uninitiated, that's a Zoom-Zoom.

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