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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

Type Fighter
Corgi item #


Distribution 0106 of 2100

 P-51D Mustang, Lt. Charles White, "Creamer's Dream" 301st FS/332nd FG, Tuskegee Airmen, Italy, 1944
Aviation Archive. Raid on Ploesti Collection. This 2005 model was made primarily for the US market, which may explain why only 2100 copies were produced. For some reason the polished metal of this model is darker than the polished metal of the last Corgi P-51D photographed, so the everything looks somewhat gloomy and doomy. The model itself is good as far as Corgi 'D' Mustangs go, though not as colorful as Bunnie (excepting, of course, to those with certain artistic bents). Bunnie was another Tuskegee diecast, produced in 2001.

One of the odd things during this period was that Corgi limited-edition models had a little 10mm plaque stuck to the stand indicating that your model number is "xxxx of xxxx Distributed Worldwide". There was no collector's card.

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