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Type Fighter
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 P-51D Mustang - Cripes A' Mighty, Major George Preddy, Officer Commanding 328th FS, 352nd FG, Christmas Day 1944
Aviation Archive. With all the current releases and pending releases of blue-nosed Mustangs recently engineered by GeminiAces and Hobby Master, I thought it would be fun to unbox this Corgi version from 2003. The Corgi mold was flawed from the beginning, giving only a vague representation of a Mustang, so no real comparison can be made between this model and the newer Mustang molds in any scale. But, what the heck, at one time if you wanted a 1/72 diecast Mustang, this is what you got. Note that Corgi hasn't released a model from this mold in a long time, and most probably won't.

Dragon Wings produced a good mold of the Mustang that gave a true representation of the real airplane's shape, but the models had drooping plastic flaps (that I usually glued in the up position), glue-fogged canopies, pieces that fell off (once, I picked a new one out of its box and the entire wing piece came off), and no pilots. The GeminiAces version of the P-51B is generally good, though it has droopy-flap problems and large rivet heads. Matchbox also made a very nice model of the D, though the shape of the nose was flawed. The 1/48 P-51D version from Hobby Master is pretty much flawless--but, then, it is a larger scale.

Wouldn't it be loverly to see a new and improved mold of the D version from Corgi? Their P-51B, released a few years back, was really odd, having gear legs that were too long, while repeating the misshapen nose of the D mold; in fact, it's almost impossible to analyze all that is wrong with that mold. Compare the GeminiAces version of the B with the Corgi version to see what I mean. Thought for the day: Does the Corgi version suffer from anorexia?

Anyway, there is a lot Corgi/Hornby can do now that they've broken the remold barrier with the new Spitfire I. Hopefully they'll go for it...

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