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Type Fighter
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 Vought F4U-1D Corsair - VMF-112, 1945
Aviation Archive. A nice, glossy model of a late-war Corsair in the standard midnight blue and white livery.

It's hard to think of midnight blue as a camouflage, but there must have been SOME reason for applying this color, as it was used from the last part of WWII to around the end of the Korean war. I have questions about this dark color as applied to models of some U.S. Navy aircraft during this time, because during the fifties I saw some of these planes flying around Pt. Mugu in California and parked at the Naval Air Faciliy in Naha, Okinawa. (One of the Pt. Mugu planes, a Skynight, crashed about a quarter mile from our house in Port Hueneme circa 1953.) On the actual planes I saw, the blue used had a greenish tint, as applied to the first version of Hobby Master's Hellcat. I wonder if there was a change sometime after the end of WWII in the dark blue color applied to naval aircraft, or if some error as crept into the color renditions in the history books.

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