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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

Type Fighter
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 P-51B-15 Mustang 42-106894 1[st] Lt. Ray Wetmore, 370th FS/359th FG, East Wretham, Norfolk, 1944
Aviation Archive. Yes, this is another of those odd but loveable B's from Corgi. Its legs are too long and its nose is too lumpy, but it gets added to the collection, nonetheless. I do like the green front end. The manufacturing quality is average, with a little paint/pad overspill here and there.

Corgi should create a new line of molds to replace these older versions. The new line would start with fresh molds for the P-51B and D, the A6M, Hurricane, and early model Spitfires. Having new molds would instantly turn the older versions into classics, and make all us who collected them instantly rich!

Yeah, in your dreams...

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