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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

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P-40F Warhawk, Capt. John L. Bradley, 59th FS, 33rd FG, Tunisia 1943

WWII Legends. An extremely nice model, with good colors, excellent paint job, and superior assembly. The model engineers deserve extra kudos for the design of the cowling and canopy, which can be re-cast for any of several versions of the P-40.

Do you believe in Legends? Corgi made this model a Legends instead of an Aviation Archive, and because of the Legends packaging, my copy was marred around the cowling and on the wings (see here). The marring is caused by the rubber band that holds the model on the stand for shipping. The rubber band pushes the model against the hard plastic of the stand and dents the paint. In addition, the rubber band mars the paint on top of the cowl and around the exhaust stacks.

Compared to other Legends models, the P-40 is mounted "backward" on the stand. The arm with the rubber band is at the front instead of the back. For this reason the model actually rests on the sharp edges of the stand. On my other Legends, the arm supports the tail and the sharp edges come nowhere near the paint.

Boxed in. Too bad this model isn't available in a proper Aviation Archive box. It really deserves better treatment.

Hey, Matchbox. Compare this model with the Matchbox P-40E.

Type Land-based fighter/fighter-bomber
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