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 Vought F4U-1A Corsair, White 29, Ira C. Kepford,

Aviation Archive. A limited run of -- 6500 copies? Today a limited run is several hundred, at most 1500. And despite that huge number of copies, these babies are almost impossible to find. I finally got this one from a dealer in the UK for US$66.00 (overseas shipping and exchange rate included). I think the main reason the model is so hard to find is the number of people who like models of VF-17 airplanes. In addition, the model is really excellent, and probably the best Corgi F4U (there, I've said again).

See the Mix and Match article comparing this model with the Corgi Legends F4U for the same squadron, and with the Hobby Master Hellcat and Corgi Thunderbolt.

Type Carrier-based fighter
Corgi item #


Distribution 1568 0f 6500

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