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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

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 P-51B-5 Mustang, 43-6913, "Shangri-LA" - Captain Don Gentile
Aviation Archive - Don Gentile. A lively, sporty little model with lots of zip and get-up-and-go -- so to speak. Corgi's P-51B mold does remind me of a little Elan or Ferrari -- fun, fun, fun 'til the government took the Merlin away... That squarish cowling still drives me batty, but generally, the cuteness of the mold makes the model meld, and Corgi's overall manufacturing excellence is much appreciated. Great colors, wonderful painting, friendly pilot, and colorful markings make for a very collectable, enjoyable, and displayble effort.

The editors at the Corgi Box Top Company made another typo: "Shangri-LA" instead of "Shangri-la". How can you get it right on the "Shangri" and get it wrong on the "la"?
Type Land-based fighter
Corgi item #


Distribution 0520 of 1750

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