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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

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P-38J-15 Lightning - MARGE, Maj. Richard 'Dick' Bong, OPS Officer, 5th Fighter Command, New Guinea, 1942
WWII Aviation Archive - War in the Pacific. Corgi's model makers did an excellent job capturing the essence of the real plane. The silver paint is an especially good representation of the aluminium paneling, and the shapes of the nacelles, cupola, and tail are faithfully reproduced.

The various colors other than aluminium are well applied, including details like the red outlines around the gun-muzzle openings and the slightly rusted exaust and supercharger piping.

The model is well worth the price, especially since it costs the same as the diminutive DH Vampire with which it shares the twin-boom layout!

Type Land-based fighter-bomber
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