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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

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Spitfire Mk VC, 5th FS/52nd FG, USAAF, Western Desert, 1943
WWII Legends. All in all, this cheaper offering from Corgi is put together better than a lot of their boxed offerings costing twice as much. It has fun colors, is fairly well put together (the landing gear is a bit crooked and the canopy doesn't quite seat on one side), and it is an all-'round good looking display model.

(The only models I display are the Legends and a few Matchbox airplanes. The Matchbox are the ones that came in the plastic bubble wrap, the wrap that had to be destroyed in order to get the model out. The Legends are displayed because I don't want to return the models to Corgi's own version of the horrible bubble wrap once the model is removed. Besides that, the Corgi's Legends have extended landing gear, and that makes them a lot easier to mount and keep on the shelf.)

Type Land-based fighter
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Distribution Unlimited

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