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Corgi United States

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Spitfire VB EN783 - 334th FS/4th FG, Debden, Essex, October 1942
Squadron History . Abysmal little model, produced at what was (hopefully) the low point in Corgi's worst manufacturing year.

At least half the models I bought from Corgi which were made in 2006 had terrible assembly quality, and this model is near the bottom of the quality dump. The lack of wing dihedral (present in all Corgi Spitfires) is particularly pronounced in this model because the bottom of the radiator housing on the starboard wing, moulded to fit the normal dihedral, doesn't line up with the angle of the wing. Equally pronounced is the gap between the wing and the top of the radiator.

The canopy doesn't fit tightly, and the paint has been scraped off in various places, or just wasn't applied. The carburetor intake under the nose is glued-on crooked, and the cover over the engine falls off if you turn the model up-side down. And there are various scratches all over the wings and fuselage.

The color scheme is most unattractive (though, of course, that's not Corgi's fault). On the other hand, maybe I'm just in a bad mood...or maybe not. After all, the box is nice, and the little plastic bag that holds the spare parts is very sturdy.

Type Land-based fighter
Corgi item #


Distribution #0886 of 1990

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