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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi United States

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P-40E Warhawk, Typhoon McGoon, Lt. Clyde V. Kinsley, 7th FS/49th FG, New Guinea, 1943
War in the Pacific. Nice model, but it has a few factory scuffs and nicks that detract from an otherwise exciting color scheme. Someone apparently used the painted radiator housing to crack walnuts, which gouged out two spots on the plane's lower lip. Also, there are long scratches over the surface of the paint on the fuselage and wings. I'll never know why manufacturers go to all the work to apply these nice paint schemes, then let the assemblers make a hash of it. One wonders...

If you are into P-40's, then this is well worth picking up. Not ALL of them could have been used to prepare a mid-morning snack!

Type Land-based fighter-bomber
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