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Corgi's Hobby Master MiG-21s mistaken belief that they could no longer float around the diecast ring without some hefty help from the biggest and baddest contender on the diecast fight-card. That, of course, is a crock, and I think (perhaps) Hornby has worked to dispel that myth, and purge it from the Corgi mindset. Like any diecast manufacturer, do or die has got to be the motto, and no manufacturer can survive on someone else's efforts. If the Predators line was needed to keep the Corgi name alive until new Corgi molds could be produced, then so be it. However, the Predators line seems to have come and gone rather too quickly for that to be the case, and I think it's more probable that Corgi planned a longer run of Predators in conjunction with some new and improved Corgi offerings. Of course, this is conjecture, and the only thing I can say for sure is that I'm glad Corgi decided to use its considerable talents before those zinc-weighted gloves got so weighted down that their opponent could find the opening needed to administer a final knockout blow.
In a seeming daze, during the sweat of pugilistic diecast competition, Corgi felt a need to add some weight to its gloves. Maybe they decided they were fighting in the wrong category, or perhaps they saw a TKO coming, or perhaps they were hanging on for the bell so they could get a breather. Whichever, they felt compelled to add a bit of Hobby Master zinc to those gloves. Fortunately, in the case of the MiG-21, Corgi selected (or was allowed to use) the mold for the earlier PF, PFM, and FL Fishbeds. Except for the upper side of the fuselage, including the canopy, spine, and fin, the mold is identical to Hobby Master's '21s, the ones with larger upper works and side-hinged canopies.

If there is any shame in Corgi's diecast retreat, it isn't in the quality of the mold, or the quality of the paint and assembly, but instead it is in Corgi's

I had to build a special brace for these models to keep the little darlings from crashing off their post. To see it in action, click here. Fun, huh?

MiG--21PF Fishbed D
Nguyen Van Coc
MiG-21PFM Fishbed F
Phantom Killers - 1972
MiG-21FL Fishbed D
No. 28 Sqn - Indian AF - 1971
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. PR99404
Run amt. 4645 of 4760
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. PR99410
Run amt. 1738 of 3760
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. PR99416
Run amt. 0119 of 3010
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