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Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
A6M3-22 Zero, Takeo Okumura
Legends collection. I wrote the following for the original single-picture review of this model in 2007:

"A good model, and worth getting if you are a Zero fan. I like the stance it has on its extended gear. Still, the worn green over silver isn't the most attractive of color schemes."

Well, a bit generous, perhaps. I really re-photographed this model because I wanted to see if it would be possible to do a photo-update with my little Canon SX100 point-and-shot. My Nikon D40x is being repaired, and it looks like it needs a not-so-common part, so there's been a delay. The Canon just returned from the Canon repair shop after it got soaked in a Florida/Disneyworld downpour, which caused it to pack it up.

Over time, I've warmed to these Corgi Zeros, and wished Corgi had made more versions. As an aside, can you imagine witnessing the real plane taking off with all the paint chips pealing off every which way? Doesn't seem like it would engender much confidence...
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. HC33106
Production run Unlimited


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