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Corgi German

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Bf 109E (Trop) 1./JG27 North Africa 1941
Corgi Heritage Centre 10th Anniversary Model. This is probably the best version of the Bf 109E cast in the wonderful old Corgi mold. Colors and assembly are very good. Too bad I couldn't afford the desert-tan partner to this model; with shipping and handling from the UK, this one model cost what I would normally pay for a twin-engined bomber! Instead of the CHC version of the desert-tan, I bought what is probably the worst version of the Bf 109E in the Corgi mold, the Ain El Gazala, Libya, 1941. Yeckkkk!

If you didn't get this one when it was affordable, I'll leave it to your conscience as to whether you get it now...
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA32109
Production run 0678 of 1250


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