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Corgi's Years of the Ju-87B Stuka
Shown here are three variants of Corgi's great Stuka model. The models shown below, in order, were issued in 2002, 2009, and 2015. As far as I can tell, Corgi has so far produced thirteen examples of the Stuka: AA32501 through AA32506, HC32508, US32509, AA32510, and AA32514 through AA32517. I can't find releases matching the missing numbers, though models numbered AA32507, and AA32511 through AA32513 would have fallen approximately during the years Corgi was seemingly going belly up. (Also a cut-rate model was produced, and in a weak moment a Hobby Master "D" model was produced under the Corgi Predator brand. (Talking Corgi Predator/Hobby Master, their early-model MiG-21's are my favorite of the type.) Anyway, this is a wonderful mold, and I hope it is used again and again.

Junkers Ju-87 Stuka B-2,
'T6-HL' of 3./STG 2
France, August 1940
Ju87B1 - St.G77, Stab II,
S2+AC, Major Alfons Orthofer,
Breslau, Germany, 1939
Junkers Ju87 B2
9/ST G 51, Norent-Fontes,`
France August 1940
Type Dive Bomber/Assault Aircraft
Corgi item AA32501
Run amt. Unlimited
Type Dive Bomber
Corgi item AA32515
Run amt. 1249 of 1400
Type Ground Attack/Dive Bomber
Corgi item AA32517
Run amt. 0785 of 1200
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