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Corgi German

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2017 
Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6, Erich Hartmann, Kommander I/JG 53, Hungary, 1945

Aviation Archive This is an excellent model, having a very attracive weathered paint scheme. For some reason, I took these pictures without a glass cover over the painted decking. The technique worked fairly well, me thinks...

These photos were taken in 2013, about the time I started having health problems. In the months and years following, I completely forgot the pics were in the database, and discovered them only when I was scanning for the files used in the last update. Anyway, these "G" pictures were taken using my old Nikon D7100, which I traded to partially pay for a new D600 and larger lens. This new camera and the lens were full frame instead of the smaller Nikon DX frame I use now and used previously. As it turned out, the D600 turned out to be a complete disaster financially, as the shutter spewed oil all over the sensor, and Nikon initially refused to pay for repairs. Since I had no other camera, I had to sell, and that at a big loss. Later, Nikon agreed to do repairs on their dime, but by that time it was to late. Just to get a camera, I bought a D3100, and then upgraded slightly to a D5500, which I use now. (I have owned many different cameras, from Petri to Canon to Panasonic (Lumix), but my first serious camera was a Nikon F which I bought at the base exchange in Atsugi in 1964. Nikons always seem to fit, so I've always come back to the brand.)

Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA27101
Production run 1356 of 2000


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