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Messerschmitt Bf 110C-4/B Schnell Kampf Geschwader 210 Russian Front 1941
Aviation Archive. Corgi's version of the Bf-110 is most excellent, and this addition to the line is very welcome. While there are blows in the very complicated paint pattern on the nose, and the port prop is wobbly, neither problem is overly distracting. The crew is well appointed, and the paint application on the canopy bracing is the best I've ever seen. The temporary winter camo over the summer grey is fun, with a unique "rubbed-on" appearance.

Hopefully we'll see more 110's in the near future. Also welcomed would be updated versions of the Bf-109E and Fw-190A. A month ago I would have considered that most improbable, but in the catalog for the second-half of 2012, Corgi promised a new P-47D from the old mold, and that's something I never thought would happen (it being akin in some ways to Matchbox suddenly releasing all the new diecast they announced just before quiting). We can only hope Corgi will continue to increase usage of its existing molds; we can hope, too, that more new and revised molds are on the way.
Type Fighter/Ground attack
Corgi item no. AA38506
Production run 0726 of 1000


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