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Corgi's German Diecast Over Libya
Two types of Corgi 1/72 camo schemes always seem to be at the bottom in popularity: winter white and desert tan. Models in these colors often linger for years on vendor's sales lists, and are often hastened off the lists by being sold to other vendors (the greater fool theory, you know). I'm not sure if that's how the business works, but I have noticed models disappearing from a vendor's site only to suddenly reappear in that same seller's inventory, and to remain there for years. For me, the only reason I have so many desert tan and winter white types is because I'm a Corgi junky, and can't resist buying them. (Even my psychiatrist says I should have my head examined!)

I own several German desert-tan types, but for the life of me, I can't say how many. With diecast boxes piled high and deep, I have to rely on my Excel spreadsheet to determine how many Corgis I have and what type. However, that list isn't particularly helpful when trying to determine camo colors. (Note to self: When you finally get that time machine, go back and tell yourself to add a color column to Excel...and to get out of the stock market in 2007.) Ultimately, in the pile, I finally found one Ju 88A (AA36701), two Fw 190s (AA34304 and AA34305), three Ju 87s (AA32502, AA32504, and AA32506), and two Bf 109Es (AA32105 and US32106). The '88, both '190s, one '87, and one '109 are painted some form of Sahara sand (let's call it), with sky blue or light tan undersides. Two '87s (one described here) and one '109 (also described here) have splotches applied over the sand color. These splotch models (let's call them) are generally the best looking, "best" being another word for "interesting". The non-splotch '109 is a Legends model, and even though it has some serious faults (no tropical filter, yellow painted carb intake, and mis-aligned landing gear), the ribs on the canopy are better painted on that cheaper model, as are the gun barrels, and the prop hub.

Anyway, here are two German diecast classics from Corgi.

Junkers Ju 87R-2 Stuka Tropical
'T6+CP' of 6./STG 2, Tmimi/Libya, July 1941
Messerscchmitt Bf 109E - Lt. Werner Schroer,
8/JG 27, Maniago, Ain El Gazala, Libya, 1940
Type Dive bomber
Corgi item AA32502
I lost the "Limited Edition" card. It's somewhere around here; if you find it, you know where I am.
Type Fighter
Corgi item US32106
Run amt. 0937 of 1210
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