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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi German

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Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a, Major Walter 'Nowi' Nowotny, Kommando Nowotny
Aviation Archive. Birth of the Jet Engine. Faster than a speeding bullet, or so it may have seemed. My step uncle, who had two ships shot out from under him during WWII (one the USS Princeton (CVL-23)), told how amazed he was the first time he saw a plane fly without a propeller (probably in 1945). He was dumbfounded simply because the existence of jet propulsion was still a secret. Yet some advanced nations started working on jet engines in the 1930's, and I read once that if the British Air Ministry had worked with Frank Whittle during the 30's, WWII could easily have ended up as an all-jet war. The first jet powered Me 262 (versus the temporary piston version) flew in mid-1942. (In contrast; the first Mitsubishi Zero flew in April 1939 (just three years earlier), and the first P-51 Mustang flew in October 1940, little more than year and a half earlier.) They say that most technical advances in warfare are made in the between-war years, while of necessity, the war years are dedicated to production. If the British had developed and applied jet power early in the between years, how would that have changed WWII? Would the war have been delayed, or perhaps prevented? No way to know, but it is facinating to speculate.

Anyway, this diecast is well executed, and the colors are very attractive. The only problems with the model are the scratches and dings applied during manufacturing. I can only assume that they threw the pieces in bins before assembly. Ouch!
Type Fighter
Corgi item AA35706
Run amt. 2654 of 2980


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