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Messerschmitt Me 262A-1A, "Green 1", Maj. Rudolf Sinner, Gruppenkommandeur III./JG7, Brandenburg-Briest, 1945
Aviation Archive. In the U.S., hobby shops are pretty much a thing of the past. A surviving shop in my area is located along an old interstate highway, now serving as a secondary arterial, with rail. The windows are barred, which is appropriate because the desperate owner looks like Mr. Gower, the besotted druggist in "It's a Wonderful Life". The shelves are dusty, and the glass cabinets (circa 1903, with brass tags to prove it) are lined with expensive model engines that never sold, and probably never will. There are five or six radio controlled models, sans engines, hanging from the ceiling, each with thirty or forty years' worth of dust covering wings and fuselage. The newest items on the shelves are an assortment of oddball model car kits. Tools line one wall, heavily stressing x-acto-like knives (fresh looking because of the merchant's habit of adjusting and readjusting the display, while repeatedly whispering words like "bankruptcy" and "my precious"). Every once in a while the neighborhood hobby shop brat rings through the door (there's a little bell above the door that irritates the heck out of everyone except the merchant) and asks Mr. Gower...uh...the owner what's new. Ever willing to play the game, Mr. G (yea, let's go with it) points to a lonely and dusty black box way in the back, behind the balsawood racks, on the shelf below the unsellable wooden ship kits. "There's always that Corgi Me 262...it might be a collector's item someday." "Naw, Mr. G, those stripes make it look fat." Then, as often happens, Mr. G slowly eases his bent form to the tool wall, whispering, always whispering, while the brat makes a hasty retreat out the door.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. US35705
Production run 0403 of 2140


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