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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Corgi German

Type Medium Bomber
Corgi item no. AA36703
Production run 1,545 of 2,190

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014 
Junkers Ju 88A - 4D+GM, 4./KG 30, Lister, March 1943
Aviation Archive. WWII - Norway. It's just a model, it's just a model, it's just a model -- it's well made, has a great mold and great fit and finish -- but the ding dang landing gear just drives me crazy.

Three of the last four models I tried to photograph had gear problems: The extended gear for the Corgi MiG-29 was poorly lined up and wouldn't fit the holes in the fuselage (and I ended up getting glue on the gear panels trying to fix it); the main gear in the SkyMax silver Tempest wouldn't line up with the wing and wouldn't stay up, but kept slipping forward (so I couldn't photograph it); and the landing gear for this Ju 88 wouldn't fit in those little rubber grommets fitted in the nacelles. To get the gear pegs into the grommets (without bending the gear posts), I filed down the pegs, but made the mistake of filing too much, so the gear slipped forward and looked out-of-whack. I used some tacky clay to keep the gear in place while taking pictures, but have been wracked with guilt for wrecking the gear of a perfectly fine Ju 88 model. Arghhhhh!

To my mind (weak as it is), the fix for this problem would be to do away with the grommets, and make the hole in the nacelle just fit the peg in the gear. If the peg was long enough, the gear should stay in place from friction alone (it says here).

Anywho, I like the model, just wished I hadn't ruined the gear. Next time I'll try pulling the grommets.

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