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Corgi German

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
MiG-29 Fulcrum-A, East German Air Force,JG3, Vladimir Komarow, Preschen Air Base, 1990
Aviation Archive. The Cold War. I really like this model because it is so DIECAST. It is made mostly of metal, which gives it the heft I love. Of course, because it is mostly metal, it has the faults of most older diecast from Corgi, namely gaps and ill-fitting joints. In these last few months, with the introduction of more and more plastic, model makers started turning out smoother-fitting models, and that is the look now expected by most collectors. However, after handling this model and comparing it to the Witty version, I think a return to more metal-content might be a good thing, gaps or no gaps.

The highlight of this model is the finish. The paint scheme is not only colorful, but superbly applied, especially that flat-gray nose cone. Yum-yum. The finish on mine was a bit scuffed from rough handling; Corgi seems to have more problems in this area than other makers.

Rubik's gear. If you like hand-held puzzles, you'll love the folded gear covers on this model. The extended gear isn't horrible, just a little crazy-making. However, reassembling the covers for the folded gear requires a deft hand, cool nerves, and the patients that only comes from having nothing else to do for the next couple hours. Here's a hint for the main gear: insert the long narrow piece first. Believe me, it won't go together the other way around.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA37501
Production run 0987 of 2060


Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker draws a bead on the Hated Hun. SPAD XIII by Matchbox.

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