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Corgi British-German

Two Early Jets, Limited Edition Models
There was a chance that very late in WWII these two fighters could have met in the skies over Germany. However, the Germans faced severe supply shortages of both fuel and engines, the British didn't fly jets over Germany until very late un the war because they didn't want to chance Meteor secrets falling into German hands, and U.S. planners after Pearl Harbor were faced with the mammoth job of increasing production of conventionally powered aircraft. Of course, a jet confrontation in the last weeks of the war was not to be, and the first all-jet fighter combat occurred over Korea in the early 1950's. However, if both the German and British air planners had been more forward-thinking in the 1930's it is possible jets could have dominated air combat over the European theatre starting in the early 1940's. Even the United States, at that time a laggard when it came to jets, had an opportunity to develop a jet fighter (and advanced engine) as early as 1940 with the Lockheed Model L133. It seems, when it came to the jet engine, planners in all three nations just didn't believe the things were war-winning tools.
Gloster Meteor F3
Messerschmitt ME262A-1A
Type Meteor F3
Corgi item no. AA27401
Production run
(Limited Edition)
0618 of 1200
Type ME262A-1A
Corgi item no. AA35710
Production run
(Limited Edition)
0920 of 1000
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