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Hurricane Mk IID, BP188, JV-Z, RAF No. 6 Sqn., Western Desert, North Africa, 1942
Aviation Archive collection. Another great Hurry from Corgi. The colors are almost edible (light chocolate over carmel, anyone?), and the undersides, propeller, and markings are accurate and well painted. The only downers are the ill-fitting canopy and engine cover (inherent with this mold). That said, a Legends Mk IID tankbuster, similar to this one, is coming out in March 2006. If you are a Legends buyer, you should get it; if you aren't a Legends buyer, hold your nose and get it anyway. You won't be disappointed.

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Type Land-based fighter bomber, tank buster
Corgi item no. AA32003
Limited edition 2631of 4000

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