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Consolidated Liberator B.VI, No. 223 Bomber Support Sqn., 100 Group, RAF Oulton, Norfolk 1944
Aviation Archive. Another biggey that was even more of a challenge than the B-17F. The model is excellent in both paint quality and assembly, though there are a few blows in the fuselage roundels. Number one prop gave me fits, as illustrated. I couldn't use oil to smooth the spin, and couldn't find the graphite or the non-oil lub we used on race-car wheels in my son's Boy Scout days. Then I remembered that in the early days of steam in the Royal Navy, before lubricating oil, engine crews kept everything running by spraying streams of salt water on the mechinery. So I used an eyedropper to put drops of water on the prop shaft. It worked mostly, and I was able to get a few shots of all four props spinning in sync.
Type Bomber
Corgi item no. AA34012
Production run 0753 of 1400

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