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Corgi British-German

Two Early, Limited Edition Models
The Spitfire was made in 2000 and the Bf 109E in 2001. Both came with collectors card, the Spitfire card being rather large (14 cm by 19 cm) to conform to the included reproduced Pilot's Notes, these notes being for the Spitfire IIA and IIB. The '109 collector's card was standard sized (9.5 cm by 13.25). I bought both models on ebay, in an attempt to complete my collection of earlier models. I got more than I had counted on, including the '109 Wespen included here. I'm still missing the 49004 Spitfiire, "Flight Officer Brian Carbury", and the 49202 '109, "Adolf Galland, JG 26 'Schlageter'".
Supermarine Spitfire Mk I, Nol 54 Sqd
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4/B, Zerstorergeschwader 1
Type Spitfire Mk I
Corgi item no. 49005
Production run 4651 of 5600
Type Bf 109E-4/B
Corgi item no. AA32101
Production run 1867 of 4100
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