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Supermarine Spitfire MkVB, EP706/T-L, Sqn. Ldr. Maurice Stephens No. 249 Sqn. Takali
Aviation Archive. This model was produced in 2002 for the UK market. Its tabbed packaging was designed to hang on a Corgi-supplied display rack, used by hobby shops in the UK to display Corgi wares. Due to a dearth of hobby shops, this form of packaging was nigh on to useless in the US. However, I have noticed lately that, thanks to their internet sales, some hardy e-business types have opened brick and block stores in various, faraway places (faraway to keep location costs down). I've been wondering, how does one calculate the demographics to determine where in the US it is financially viable to build a shop that sells diecast. Door to door survey? Knock, knock, "Hello, does anyone in your family collect diecast models?" "Collect...what?" I live on the West Coast, US, and have never, ever met another diecast collector. And, I probably never will.

Anyway, the model, the model. Of course, this is an early effort, so it isn't as refined as the models produced today. The paint is well applied, except around the seams in the aft fuselage, and the roundels are well done, with a minimum of blows. The landing gear held the model up throughout the agony of photography, which is just short of a miracle, given their inherent weakness...and the prop turned, albeit with a bit of wobble. All in all, a good effort, given the production year.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA31902
Production run Unlimited

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