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Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIc, Flt Lt Romualdus Marcinkus, No. 1 Sqn RAF, February 1942
Aviation Archive. This model, from the new mold, is painted in the Hurricane's least attractive colors. The already svelte Spitfire can wear these colors with little problem, but the Hurricane just can't. In addition, Corgi is still having quality control problems with this mold. The first version (in black) was missing the carburetor intake and had gaps in the leading edges of the wings; in this version, the tail structure is set a fraction of an inch too far to port so that it leaves a wider than usual gap on that side. The AA39702A version of this model, which I also have (and which can be seen in some of the pictures), has the prop molded with one blade both out of alignment and with a distinct outward curl. A problem such as this is inexcusable. I can see the assembler making a hash of the tail alignment (if the assembly was done early Monday morning and a rough weekend preceded), but the prop problem sticks out like a pimple on the nose. The new Corgi is starting to give me some of the old Corgi queasiness.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA39702B
Production run 048 of 500 for correct year of 2011
288 of 500 for incorrect year of 2012

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