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Spitfire LF IX - PT396/EJ-C, Wg Cdr "Jack" Charles, RCAF, OC Tagmere Wing, August 1944, Featuring Fully Authentic 1:24 model of a Merlin Engine
Aviation Archive. As a product of the middle ages of Corgi's production history, specifically 2006, the copyright information printed on the bottom of the box lists addresses in both Great Britain and Chicago. The box suffers from bending and warping, mainly because of the combined heaviness of the airplane and the solid-metal engine. I bought the model second hand, so it is possible the previous owner didn't reinsert any cardboard bracing that may have previously ringed the plastic cradle.

The Spitfire model is better than the average model Corgi produced in 2006, and the Merlin is interesting and intricate, though of an odd scale (1:24). The only Merlin I've actually eye-balled was in the local air museum. That one was painted black and didn't have as many attachments left, being basically a block, heads, and rocker assembly (as I remember), and I don't remember it having a supercharger. However, it was sitting next to a really interesting B-36 engine that was cut away here and there to expose its internals. The one thought I had while viewing both was that each engine was created using nothing more complicated than a slide rule!
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA31921
Production run 1368 of "only" 3010

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