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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi British

Type Fighter
Corgi item no. 49104
Production run 3313 of 5600

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Hawker Hurricane Mk I P2798 -- Flt Lt I R Gleed, No 87 Sqn (Includes Authentic Reproduction Pilot's Notes)
Aviation Archive. This model was produced in 2000 for the British market. It carries one of the early item numbers, and was probably in what might be called the first group of Corgi releases (my thinking, based on deductions from my own Corgi archeology). I now own (after an orgy of Ebaying through August) the following models from that assumed first group:

49001 Spitfire Mk I  
49002 Spitfire Mk II  
49003 Spitfire Mk II  
49005 Spitfire Mk I Pilot's notes--final of 000s.

49101 Hurricane Mk I  
49102 Hurricane Mk I  
49103 Hurricane Mk I  
49104 Hurricane Mk I Pilot's notes--final of 100s.

49201 Bf 109E  
49203 Bf 109E  
49204 Bf 109E  
49205 Bf 109E Pilot's notes--final of 200s.

49302 P-51D (beat up copy)
49303 P-51D Final model of 300 line.

BoB Set
Bf 109E Final models of 500 line.
Spitfire Mk I

After checking Wings900 I found that I'm still missing the following WWII 1/72 types from that first first group (each of them, especially the 109, being premo models):

49004 Spitfire  

49202 Bf 109E  

49301 P-51D  

The above models are my top collecting targets (with luck).

The 49501-49504 models were 1:144 scale; the 49505 models were 1/72. The 49401-49403 models were 1/72 RAF Lightning's.

The model photographed here is well done, though black paint wasn't applied to the radiator intake (as in later AA and Legends models), and the gun ports are a bit misaligned.


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