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Corgi British

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Corsair I - JT172, 1835 Sqn., Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, Brunswick, USA
Aviation Archive collection. Absolutely lovely model, well worth the extra $10.00 I paid for it. Great paint job, accurate colors, and super manufacturing quality.

Christmas. I bought this from a Christmas traditions store that had an online outlet. They probably didn't realize they had about the last copy anywhere.

Type Carrier-based fighter
Corgi item no. AA33003
Limited edition 3188 of 4000

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

P-40 Kittyhawk I, No. 112 Sqn., Flg. Off. Neville Duke, LG 139 Gambut Main, Libya, Feb. 1943
Legends collection. This fine model can best be described as a riot of color. The top of the plane has a bright two-tone camouflage paint, and the underbelly is a pleasant cerulean blue. The national insignia contrast beautifully with both the top and bottom paint schemes. The landing gear has detailed coloring, and the spinner is a brilliant scarlet. The pilot is dressed in desert khakis, and the shark's head is striking in red, black and white. Even the exhaust stacks join the show in a rich shade of chocolate brown. Wow.

This is definitely the Technicolor Kittyhawk. If you are tiring of this hobby, go buy one of these models, set it up in a viewable spot, and just sit and contemplate--you'll be a revived collector in no time.

Out and about. The spinner is poorly mounted, and doesn't fit over the back-plate. This spoils the look of the nose somewhat because the spinner is the primary design feature of the "shark" look.

Roundel rondel. The roundels are not thoroughly applied, and leave "blows" within the panel lines.

The Mark. The plastic Legends stand has mared the side of the cowling at the bottom.

Type Land-based fighter/bomber
Corgi item no. AA35204

Strange seeing the American pilot flying a Merlin P-40, and the British pilot an Allison.

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