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Gloster Sea Gladiator - N5519, 'Charity', Hal Far Fighter Flight, Hal Far, Malta June 1940
Aviation Archive. World War II - Aircraft of the MTO. The box date for this model is 2006, and it was made for the U.S. market. At that time there was a Corgi USA office in Chicago. Why Chicago, you ask? Don't know, but they've flown now, having disappeared shortly after The Great Corgi Collapse. The Corgi USA office was probably just a little hole-in-the-wall three roomer (a receptionist closet, an executive closet, and a water closet) in a remodeled warehouse in the lower tens. Ah, the fun one can have imagining Suite 2050.

Anyway, the model is quite nice, and is part and parcel of the Faith, Hope and Charity series that everyone was desperately collecting when they first came out. This, as the title suggests, is Charity, and in some catalogs it is referred to as AA36203C. When so, the other two are listed as AA36203F and AA36203H. Reading the box for this model (there's no better reading with the morning cereal), you would have no idea there were two other models in the series. There are no clues in the number, though there is a red band at the bottom of the box cover listing the name and the N5519 serial number of the plane. I would love to get Faith and Hope, but with today's diecast prices attempting to reach escape velocity, I probably never will.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA36203
Production run 0618 of 3230

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