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Hawker Hurricane MkI of No257 Sqd RAF, Sqd Ldr Stanford Tuck
Aviation Archive. Flying Aces . This is Corgi's second Hurricane model, and one of those packaged in an orange-colored box. The copy I have is copyrighted 2000, and was produced for the UK market. The model is really excellent, and seems to have been manufactured at the hieght of Corgi's control over the assembly process. The box is in pretty good shape, and would be considered like-new if I hadn't ripped the tab when I opened the viewcover. Clumsy oaf!

If you get a chance, read the story of Stanford Tuck's life by Larry Forrester; the book is called Fly for Your Life: The Story of RR Stanford Tuck, DSO, DFC. I read it in a paperback version years ago. It's a facinating read, and covers Tuck's entire story, including time spent fighting with the Russians on the Eastern Front. I have in my mind the image of a woman soldier riding madly on a white horse...
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. 49102
Production run 4871 of 6900


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