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Spitfire MkI 74 Sqd RAF (First Sirmish of Battle of Britain) - Flt Lt Adolf Malan
Aviation Archive. 1940-2000 Battle of Britain--Commemorating 60 Years. The first of many, this diecast came in a one-size fits-all hangar box, with a little sticker on the side listing the contents. The model is well made, and wears the attractive, early-war, white and black belly. Note the silver aerial; don't remember seeing that on any other Corgi Spit. This Spitfire mold, and the molds for the companion Hurricane and Bf 109E, were used pretty much as-is for the next decade. The contemporary, but ill-conceived Mustang mold didn't have the same longevity.

According to my Corgi spreadsheet, I have two more Spits in this number sequence (49002 and 48003), three of the Hurry (49102 through 49104), two of the Bf 109Es (49201 and 49203), one Mustang (49303) and the Battle of Britain set (49505). A Hunter in the sequence (49801) also snuck in, and there is a sickening story about that transaction that I may some day relate, if I can retain the contents of my stomach long enough. I'd love to find the 49101 Hurry and the 49202 Bf 109E; but, as they say, good luck!

I tried to locate all of these early models in the model room (which is also the photo studio and our spare bedroom), but some have gone missing among the stacks. With models lining shelves on all available walls (in no particular order except Hobby Master, Marushin, GeminiAces, and Witty to the left, SkyMax straight ahead, and Corgi to the right--sort of), my greatest fear is an earthquake, which could result in severe injury to anybody caught in cascading boxes. Anyway, if the models are on the spreadsheet, I know they are somewhere in the room. Maybe someday I'll get in and reorganize...maybe.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. 49001
Production run Unlimited

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