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1/72 Warplanes
Corgi British

Type Photo Recon
Corgi item no. AA32814
Production run 1864 of 2140

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
DH Mosquito PR.1 - W4051, LY-U, No 1. PRU, July 1941
Aviation Archive. WWII - Photo Reconnaissance. This diecast was produced in 2007, near the end of Corgi's solo run and just before the Hornby acquisition. It was part of the free Halifax promotion, and I used the token from this box as part of my submission.

The model is okay, with a few technical faults such as gaps in the joint between the fuselage halves, as well as props that don't spin smoothly or fit snuggly (thus no "flying" or prop spinning shots).

Three other PRU models were part of this series, including the PRU Spit, the Lysander PRU, and the F-4 (P-38) PRU. All are nice models, though, of course, the Spit is from the original mold. The Lysander mold is impeccable, and all the models made from it are gems (I have the PRU Lysander, but haven't taken pictures as of yet). However, my special favorite from the bunch is the F-4/P-38 PRU, which has some mold modifications, a good paint scheme, and quality assembly.

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