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Spitfire Mk I - K9789, Sqn Ldr Henry Cozens, No. 19 Sqn, Royal Air Force, Duxford, Aug 1938

Aviation Archive. Every day in every way Corgi's getting better and better (with apologies to someone named Emile Coue, by way of my mother, who repeated the phrase -- what else -- daily!). First they improved and reissued the Mk I, then they made a modification to the mold in this release (number two). This Cozens Spit has a new prop, canopy, Pitot and aerial, and though these changes may seem minor, even changes this small were rarely seen in the first diecast versions of the Mk I (or any other early-version Corgis). Even better, Corgi has stuck to the solid-model format, which IMHO gives each release lasting value. The solid format allows a smoother, more even paint application and more accurate color matching; it also increases the heft; and solid models are free of drooping flaps and misaligned seams.

If you haven't ordered the new, very limited edition Mk IIs from the same mold to be released in May through July of this year, get cracking! All of the releases from this mold are sure to be collectors' classics.

Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA39202
Production run 1335 of 1500

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