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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Corgi British

Type Night fighter
Corgi item no. AA38402
Production run 1526 of 1800

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Bristol Blenheim 1F Night Fighter, 29 Sqn, RAF Digby, June 1940

Aviation Archive. Pretty much emblematic of the direction diecast has taken, this second Blenheim comes with the early greenhouse nose, a variation in the mold from the first model that probably would not have been seen in years past.

Special kudos to Corgi for the excellent paint job and well-applied markings. The crew was also well painted. Oh, and the landing gear fit! Altogether, a top-notch model.

Knobby problem. I wonder, is there any way diecast manufacturers can get rid of those knobs that hold down the models in the plastic liners that fit inside the cardboard boxes? Those knobs are responsible for wearing away the paint on the leading and trailing edges of the wings, and if the model is taken in and out of the box often enough, bare metal begins to show through, Even without removing the model from the box frequently, paint scuffs and even spots of bare metal can be seen under the bright lights needed for photography.

After I carefully remove a new model from its box, I press the knobs in, so they are out of harms way, then line the plastic packing with cheap (very thin) sandwich bags; this keeps any sharp edges away from the paint. Nonetheless, it would be nice not to have that initial damage to the wings that occurs when the models are pushed into the liners at the factory.


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