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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Corgi British

Type Carrier-based Fighter
Corgi item no. AA32016
Production run #1643 of 2001

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Sea Hurricane 1b, Z7015 (G-BKTH) - No. 880 Sqdn. Fleet Air Arm, HMS Indomitable, May 1942
Aviation Archive - Survivors. Of my nine Corgi Hurricanes, this is definitely the favorite. It is also the first Hurricane produced by Corgi after it was taken over by Hornby. The new management did a great job cleaning up the fit and finish during the manufacturing process. The canopy now fits better and the engine cover is snug against the nose (where before it often sat too high because of un-cut mold flash). If Corgi can keep this level of manufacturing quality, then the mold has a lot more potential than I would have assumed.

The revised mold has a tailhook which was worked nicely into a recess under the tail. The colors are excellent and very well applied. Even the prop is put together well, where in previous models it was often loose. One oddity is the pilot, which has a blank, featureless face -- sort of like pinkish-colored marshmallow-man.

I would buy one each of any future versions of this model. The Hurricane mold has been under-utilized by Corgi, and since it is the only high-quality version in this scale, it would behoove Corgi to get hopping with new product before Hobby Master steals a march by putting out an even better mold.

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