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Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning (P-38) - 1st PRU, RAAF, A55-3
Aviation Archive - WWII - Photo Reconnaissance. Nice model, and the P-38 mold can't be beat. Nicely modified nose, with camera fairing and I think a sighting mast, though it could be an aerial. Corgi should be given credit for covering the recon planes of WWII; this model wasn't a particularly good seller, but anyone in love with the twin-boomer should have this colorful version in the collection.

Photographers: Included in this update are some test shots using different saturation and white balance settings. I chose the moderate saturation and reddish white balance; a higher saturation would be too vivid for a WWII warplane, and normal white balance would appear too washed out and dull.
Type Photographic reconnaissance
Corgi item no. AA36606
Production run #1381 of 1960

Practice Saturation and White Balance settings, Nikon D40X, ISO 400, 70-300mm Nikkor lens:
Saturation Normal (0 - Zero)
More intense color than Moderate
Saturation Moderate (-1)
Less intense color than Normal
White Balance Auto White Balance Auto
White Balance more blue (+1) White Balance more blue (+1)
White Balance more red (-1) White Balance more red (-1)

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