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Lysander Mk I, L6877/JV-W, No. 6 Sqn, Palestine, 1940
Aviation Archive - WWII Aircraft of the MTO. It is so odd that such a beautiful model has to be sold at half price. This is my first Lysander, and I bought it just because it was less than half price, and it seemed the right time to give the mold a whirl. I have since ordered two more, due to arrive shortly.

This model is Corgi at its best, with solid construction, excellent paint, good detail, excellent figures, and that indescribable Corgi "feel". When it comes to the diecast maker's art in this scale, it just doesn't get any better than this. At the time of this update, Corgi is being reorganized and reinvented; hopefully, this is the quality of model in which the new Corgi will specialize.
Type Army Support
Corgi item no. AA36802
Production run #1220 of 4050

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