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Corsair IV, KD345, No. 1850 Sqn., Royal Navy, HMS Vengeance, August 1945
Aviation Archive - WWII War in the Pacific. Interesting version of the Corsair, painted in gloss and with what I think are New Zealand markings.

Musings on the wasted life of a collector. The glossy paint reminds me of toy soldiers I used to collect from a company called Little Lead Men, later Little Metal Men. Anyway, the owner and painter used old Britains molds, then hand-paint the figures in toy-fashion using a high gloss finish. I still have all the figures bought from him, and want to add pictures of them to this web page--someday. I have fond memories of these figures, since they were purchased two and three at a time while raising a family when money was VERY tight (unlike now, when it is just very tight). The guy who did the painting hung in there for many years with heart problems, and when he finally passed away his wife sold all the molds. Kind of wish I had been able to put in a bid...
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA33006
Production run #0672 of 1710

Notice the difference in prop size between the actual
model and the illustration on the box!


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