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Corgi British

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Typhoon IB, Sqn Ldr R. P. Beamont, OC No. 609 Sqn, Manston, February 1943
Aviation Archive - WWII Battle for the Low Countries. This model epitomizes Corgi's early-Typhoon mold, with the flat-sided canopy, grey-green camo, and typical mid-war British markings. The colors are great, and the recognition yellow is a fun touch; after all, we'll be able to get enough of the "plain old colors" later on, right? The only real problem with this mold is the heavy-handed chin treatment on the cowl. Those seams! Anyway, overall, a very likeable model.

Picture notes - I couldn't take any "flying" pictures because that big propeller hub just wouldn't turn without gale-force winds, so no-go.

The closeup pictures, below, and the long-fuselage picture were taken with my new Canon SX100IS point and shoot, while the rest were taken with the tripod-mounted Nikon D40x. The SX100 shots were hand-held from three feet away using a 10x telephoto. Needless to say, I'm very impressed with this camera's abilities. The image stabilization, 10x zoom, and sharp lens are a picture clicker's dream. Highly recommended. So far, all my Canons have beat everything else for sharpness and color rendition!
Type Fighter-bomber
Corgi item no. AA36502
Production run #0586 of 4270


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