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Spitfire Type PR Mark IB, P9931/B, No. 212 Squadron, RAF, Seclin, France, Spring 1940
Aviation Archive. This all-blue PR version of the Spitfire puts one in mind of the all-black nightfighter version. This is because the model is very simple, being just the basic model and four landing gear pieces, two retracted, and two extended. The blue is the standard photo recon color, and I find that interesting because back in the early 1950's Aurora model company produced a 1/48 scale plastic model kit of the Spitfire, and it was molded in the same blue color (or near enough). I always thought it was a weird color (like Aurora's yellow Zero and metallic-red ME-109E and black FW-190), but now know Aurora was justified--after all these years!

Anyway, this is an enjoyable model, even if the mold is a bit long in the tooth. However, I'm hoping Gemini Aces will produce their own version of the PR Spit. That would be an even more enjoyable model.
Type Unarmed Photo Reconnaissance
Corgi item no. AA31928
Production run #1805 of 1910


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